Ormond Road, Rathmines

This project in Rathmines was focused on replacing a dark, north-facing kitchen with a bright, open-plan space filled with natural light which provided a wonderful view of the garden and allowed the clients to watch the sun setting in the evening.

A modern kitchen extension filled with natural light and woodwork.

The set of floor to ceiling cabinets, finished in a magnolia high gloss, offered a large amount of practical storage for the clients.

 A lovely long skylight was inserted above the porcelain kitchen sink, which really brought the space to life.

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Project Overview

The client originally had a north-facing, very dark kitchen. During winter the clients constantly had to have a light on. When they contacted us they wanted to change everything about their kitchen. So we started planning the extension with them. 

They decided that they wanted the extension to have lots of glass to give them a lot of natural light, a view into their garden and allow them to see the sun setting in the evening. 

We went in on the 1st of September 2017 and started immediately working on the extension. The client provided us with a lot of feedback and a great sense of collaboration on the project and exactly what they wanted, we had the clients moved back in for February 2018.

The original kitchen’s flooring was in direct contact with the earth, and was very cold. So we went about putting in underfloor heating to make sure that the warm atmosphere that the client wanted was well and truly there. 

We worked with the client to decide that we wouldn’t use a lot of tiling or granite and they, in fact, wanted to use as much wood as possible, so we went with a wooden floor and a wooden island, this really allowed the space to breathe and because they wanted to use natural wood it added to the warmth of the room. 

The client really wanted to have as much space as possible in the kitchen and wanted to allow the best views of the garden throughout the extension, so rather than adding in a large or clunky extractor, we sunk the extractor fan into the island and added an hydraulic system that would raise it out of the island as needed. The result was fantastic and looked very sleek and modern. We also decided that we wouldn’t add in shelving over the cooking area, which again allowed for a sense of space and airiness that really made the kitchen a lovely place to be. 

The client wanted a good bit of storage so we built in a set of floor to ceiling cabinets, finished in a magnolia high gloss, which reflected a lot of light back into the kitchen, and even sitting on the far side of the kitchen allowed a reflected view of the garden. 

Over the design and planning process, we decided that a lovely long skylight above the porcelain kitchen sink would really bring the space to life.

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