Clarke Construction believes in the ideas of conservation and sustainable development and construction. We will work with you and provide sustainably sourced materials according to your preferences. 

We also pride ourselves on our site planning and our processes and procedures that allow for the use of environmentally friendly materials as you require them, as well as supporting our employees to be conscious of the effect of their work on the environment.

Sustainable Construction

LED Lighting

Solar Roof Panels

Air to Water Heatpumps

Sheep Wool Insulation

What is Sustainable Construction, and why is it important?

Sustainable construction is about the conservation of the natural environment. We endeavour to make sure that all of our materials are sourced from renewable sources, and that everything is recyclable. 

Our sustainability practices mean that we reduce energy consumption on-site, create a safe, environmentally friendly and healthy environment for our workers, our clients and for the world surrounding us. We make sure that there is as little waste as possible, and that everything is cleaned up suitably and in line with our high standards. 

But why is sustainable construction so important? The construction sector is a huge consumer of fossil fuels, environmentally unfriendly materials and poor practices that see a massive production of waste and greenhouse gasses. This needs to change for the health and safety of our planet and to ensure that we see the end to pandemics like Covid-19. We don’t want to contribute to global climate change, and so we are making a commitment to changing the way the construction industry uses fuels, materials and changes its practices to line up with international climate change commitments. We want to see a carbon-neutral world, and it is important that every build and every project is designed, planned and carried out with that in mind. 

That is our promise, we will offer you the best possible service with the utmost care and always seeking to make changes that will allow for environmental protection. Ask us about our sustainable construction methods for your residential or commercial property project today.

What does a sustainably built property mean for you?

Research has shown the sustainably built homes have cheaper operating costs. So while a major element is the fact that these homes create much less of an environmental impact they also help you keep costs down. If you have an A or A+ BER rating your home will be warm during the winter and will better hold heat in the summer, meaning that you don’t have to worry about expensive and environmentally unfriendly heating. We can guide you through the best materials and most up-to-date green regulations to make sure that your home won’t cost you the world.

Perfection is what we regard as a minimum standard.

Clarke Construction has been built on a reputation of honesty, quality work and verifiable customer satisfaction.

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