Residential Builds

We take pride in our home building and renovation work. Our residential portfolio is filled with exquisite examples of our past work. Have a look at our residential case studies, and if you have any questions, fill out the contact form below.

Our Home Renovations

We take pride in our home building and renovation work. Our residential portfolio is filled with exquisite examples of our past work. Have a look at our residential case studies, and if you have any questions, fill out the contact form below.

Posie Row, Kinsealy

This was an incredibly exciting project. This was a once-off residential build that we helped guide the client through and made sure that they got exactly what they wanted.

The client put out a tender and having worked on her mother’s project before and having seen the quality, she gave us a call. When we met to discuss the build, she had some fantastic ideas that we were really interested in.

Railway Avenue, Sutton

This build was an incredible project for us. The property was a period building and was originally built to house railway workers. The client wanted to bring this stunning property into a larger build, which would involve four other houses being brought …

Foxfield Avenue, Raheny

We worked on this home in conjunction with the clients and their architect. The idea was to develop the house from a three-bed into a four-bed, to grow along with the clients extending family.

Room to Improve Sutton AFTER Den

Room to Improve, Sutton

We went into this project with a lot of excitement. We were working with Dermot Bannon on Room To Improve, to help rejuvenate the beloved childhood home of the client. The client wanted to completely remake the property into a sumptuous home for them and their twins.

Ormond Road, Rathmines

The client originally had a north-facing, very dark kitchen. During winter the clients constantly had to have a light on. When they contacted us they wanted to change everything about their kitchen. So we started planning the extension with them…

Victoria Road, Clontarf

We went into this project with the client wanting a complete refurbishment as well as an extension to the back of the property. We felt very comfortable with this client as they were very open to our suggestions, and were totally collaborative and wanted to work together with us to make sure the final product was exactly what they envisioned.

Balkhill Road, Howth

We received a tender for this residential build and from the start, it was going to be a challenge. The original layout of the home had the living accommodation on the ground floor and the sleeping area on the top floor.

Maywood Lawn

Maywood Lawn, Raheny

The client wanted an amazing extension at the rear of their property. They wanted to make sure that they had a lovely bright space, which took advantage of the location of their garden, while also having a lovely, open room to cook in.


Stiles Road, Clontarf

This was a great new house build to work on, with a fantastic client and design team. The client wanted a lot of wood, and worked with the design team it was decided that we would incorporate wooden slating into a…


Wendell Avenue, Portmarnock

When we took on this job, the client wanted a full refurbishment of their home. So we went in and started with a first-floor extension above the garage, adding a new en suite bedroom to the house. The client was absolutely thrilled with this part of the build, especially the en suite. 

Kincora Road, Clontarf

We went into this build with the client wanting to extend up into the attic. They wanted to close off the stairs, which meant losing a little bit of the box room, but together we decided that it would make…

St Fintans Church, Sutton

We were awarded a contract to convert a house accommodating two priests and a housekeeper. What was decided upon was to convert the building into two self-contained apartments …

Clanmahon Road, Killester

This was a project for a family who had lived in the house for a long time and had been waiting for the opportunity to get the house exactly as they wanted.

Árd Na Mara, Malahide

The client for this project was looking for a new front door, front window, new paving for the front and back garden, along with new plant beds for the back.

Belmont Park, Raheny

The client for the Belmont project was looking for a small job to be done on their kitchen and existing back garden.

Verbena Avenue, Bayside

We worked with the client and the design team to make sure that this project was carried out to the highest standard. We were tasked with building a new rear extension that combined the kitchen…

Sarto Lawn, Bayside

The client wanted an L-shaped kitchen extension and a renovation of the interior of the rest of the property. We worked extensively with themselves and their design team in order to come up with a beautiful design that would make the most of the space available.

Saint Annes Road, Raheny

This was a great project for us to work on. We were asked to build a large rear extension, to fit a new front door and to turn the space into a welcoming, open-plan environment.