Room To Improve, Sutton

We worked with Dermot Bannon on Room to Improve for this exciting build in Sutton to help rejuvenate the beloved childhood home of the client.

The addition of an L shaped extension at the rear of the property allowed for an amazing open plan kitchen & sitting room where the clients could entertain guests and cook in a sociable environment

In the sitting room area, we added a unique floating stove to provide a feeling of relaxation and to offer the best heat during the winter months.

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Project Overview

We went into this project with a lot of excitement. We were working with Dermot Bannon on Room To Improve, to help rejuvenate the beloved childhood home of the client. The client wanted to completely remake the property into a sumptuous home for them and their twins. 

We worked closely with Dermot to ensure that his vision of an L shaped extension at the rear of the property was something that could be brought to life. We also ensured that the mezzanine that was envisioned for the property was up to scratch with Dermot, the QS, the Engineer and the clients’ expectations and specifications. 

With the design of the L-shaped extension, we also worked on the exterior, adding in a gorgeous patio area accessible through a set of folding doors, with steps leading from the doors to the patio area, and further stairs down into the rest of the garden. 

The L-shaped extension also allowed for an amazing open plan kitchen/sitting room so that the clients could entertain and still have the room to cook and not leave guests alone. This was finished with a stunning wooden floor, luxury modern lighting and incredible countertops, and an abundance of storage. 

In the sitting room space, we added an amazing floating stove to give off a relaxing feeling and to provide the best heat during the winter months. 

We added a new door into the entry hallway, to make sure that the sleeping spaces still had the space and separation to ensure relaxation.

The design involved a stand-alone bath set into an area that was titled with opulent wall tiles, and floored in the style of a wet room in a spa setting, and a large window facing into the back garden.

When it came to the mezzanine, we faced some challenges with the budget, however after working closely with Dermot, his QS and the client we were able to create this impressive level, which leads up into another living area with a large skylight that would be perfect for a relaxation and reading area.

Overall, we were delighted with how this build turned out, as were the clients and of course, Dermot and the team that designed it. 

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