Stiles Road, Clontarf

This was a great project for us to work on, for which the client wanted us to build a large rear extension to fit a new front door and to turn the space into a welcoming, open-plan environment.

The kitchen area was extended to the back of the house, which allowed for a superbly designed open-plan kitchen cum dining area.

At the front of the house, the front door was replaced with a beautiful grey composite door, which included a large frosted glass window at the side.

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Project Overview

This was a fantastic project to work on, with a fantastic client and design team. The client wanted a lot of wood, and working with the design team it was decided that we would incorporate wooden slating into a large amount of the work that was carried out. 

The front door was replaced with a wooden slating backed by a more traditional door, as well as a new side entrance with wooden slating. 

On the interior, it was decided to lay wooden herringbone throughout the home. This is a challenging type of floor to lay, requiring a lot of focus and meticulous attention, but when it’s done right it looks truly spectacular, and both ourselves and the client were absolutely delighted with how it turned out. The stairs were designed with wooden bannisters in wooden strutting. 

The kitchen was a top priority, and again they wanted a lot of wood to be incorporated into the design. All of the counters were made from wood and topped with gorgeous marble countertops. We also used the same marble for the sink backsplash. Finally, we finished the kitchen with striking, modern hanging lights with fashionable, exposed large bulbs. 

We also built in a new, longer utility room which contained a huge amount of storage, a designated space for a washing machine and dryer, as well as a marvellous skylight that lets in an incredible amount of light into what would otherwise be quite a dark room.

The client wanted to add a rear extension to the house, one built from scratch. They wanted to have a stunning view from the front to the back of the house, so there was no door between the open plan kitchen and sitting room extension. We built the extension with large windows surrounded by dark stained timber, which oozes luxury. The client also wanted a built-in fireplace. This meant that we had to create a chimney and a flue system. We finished the chimney on the interior and exterior in incredible grey brickwork and added in a small closed fireplace. The chimney has open spaces on either side and from the front, gives the impression of a floating chimney. We finished off the chimney with the space for a television to be hung.

The client also wanted to make some changes to their garden. When we were building the extension, we added in a paved walkway to the garden, which stretched right to the end, to a lovely BBQ area. surrounded by gravel on both sides. We built a concrete arch on the end of the extension and put in wooden strutting closer to the original building. The client was incredibly pleased with the outcome of the project.

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