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How much does an extension cost?

We work with a team of architects, structural engineers, and quantity surveyors to ensure that your project is properly budgeted. The answer here depends on how much you want to be done and the scale of the project. We work with you to decide on the right course of action for your project and we offer comprehensive pricing to ensure that all of your requirements are met. A homeowner should have a large say in the budget, it is your project and we are here to work through it with you.

How do I get planning permission for my house?

Together with a highly skilled network of architects, we get designs drawn up and organise planning permission for your extension. Depending on the size of your extension, a project may not even need planning permission. You can talk to us about this and we can offer you the most up-to-date advice.

How can I decide on the size of my extension?

Extending your home isn’t always the only answer, sometimes you can add as much value by altering the space that you already have. For example, you can build up by converting your attic, or change the layout of your kitchen to make your living space more open plan. If an extension to your home is what you want, it will be dependent on your own specific requirement. No two houses are the same, but we will help you to come to the right decision.

How will I decide on the positioning of my extension?

We will look at the space that you have and what you want. If you have the space to the side of your home a side extension would be ideal, the same principle applies to the rear of your property, talk to us and we will help you decide exactly what you want and where the best position for your extension would be.

What are my options for roof structure and finishing?

We offer various styles of roofing and associated finishing from Copper and Zinc to Paralon and Trocal. We can help you decide on what’s best for your particular project, come and talk to us today and we’ll advise you on the best option.

What type of options will I have for insulation?

We offer several options, though we would advise that you consider several factors, such as; is your extension in the shadow of your current house at certain times of the day? Does your extension face north, south, east or west? We can talk about the right choice for you. We offer external wall insulation, internal thermal boards, or a combination of both. We can also offer you help and guidance if you wish to take advantage of the SEAI grant.

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Mairead O’Leary

“Very Flexible with things I asked for”

“The team were very accommodating, we worked well together and I would recommend Colin.”

“The extension has changed our lives.”


Peter Flynn

“I found Colin had a really practical and Logical way of doing things.”

“I found working with Colin very straight and honest.”


Father Liam Lacey

“They approached the whole construction very professionally.”

“Colin, on a few occasions, went out of his way to make sure there was a quality product provided, and we were delighted with that.”

“What was great,was that they had their own tradespeople, they weren’t dependent on outside contractors.”

“Clarke Construction always responded when there was any issue. More recently we were doing some tidy up jobs, and Colin was willing to sort out whatever was outlying or outstanding.”


Darragh Kavanagh

“Colin was involved in all the key points. He kept us informed, occasionally there were problems, but they were all worked through in collaboration, in partnership with us.”

“Colin and the team, especially Sean the foreman, were superb. Great craftsmanship and attention to detail. Everywhere we look  now, it’s just finished perfectly. Unequivocal recommendation from me.”


Fiona Jones

“The First time I met Colin, he came into the house, I felt so comfortable with him”

“Everything in the garden was Colin’s idea and it just had the WOW factor”

“If you want a big extension, a small extension, Clarke Construction are amazing to work with”

“We’d hear from Colin every week, second week, even just a whatsapp to see how we were getting on, if there was anything I wanted to change.”


Stephen Hill | Gap Architects

“Fantastic job of replicating period features in the new extension”

“They make my life easier as an architect on the job”

Séamus Furlong | Brennan | Furlong architects:

“Colin was very proactive in relation to trying to achieve the aesthetic we had in mind”

“We found there was synergy between all the parties”

“Their number one strength is the relationship with the client and guiding them through a project which can be quite daunting”