Verbena Ave. Bayside

This Bayside property provided a “dream space” that included a functional, sociable kitchen area for the clients.

A large kitchen island doubled up as a storage space and breakfast bar, allowing for an open, sociable space for cooking and cleaning.

A feature wall was added to the living space, at the client’s request, which contrasted perfectly with the surrounding white walls of the room.

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Project Overview

The first thing we did was work with the team and the client to make sure that the preliminary build was up to the local council standards, and up to the standards that are expected of us. As part of the build, the client wanted to have large sliding doors facing into the garden. This let in a huge amount of light and allowed for the client to have a great view. We also added in a large skylight to let even more light into the space.

Once the build was finished, it was a matter of working with the clients to provide the ideal space that they wanted. They had dreamed of having an open space kitchen, diner, and living space that overlooked the back garden. We started with the flooring, where the client and design team choose to go with stunning brown tiling to cover the whole area.   A large kitchen island that doubled up as a storage space and breakfast bar allowed for an open, sociable space while cooking or cleaning.

We added a lot of storage space into the kitchen area – under the kitchen side of the island, under the sink area, around the cooking area and around the walls of the kitchen. We plumbed in a new sink in a fantastic new space facing the older section of the house. We also created a new cooking area with a plumbed-in gas range cooker. To finish off this area, we added in a wall-length vertical radiator to make sure that the whole room was warm and cosy. 

For the sitting room and diner area, the client wanted a feature wall. Between ourselves, the client and the design team, it was decided that a lovely deep grey would work the best and contrasted really nicely with the white walls around the rest of the room. 

We finished off the project with the outside area. We installed a new drainage system so that the integrity of the flat roof wouldn’t be compromised. When we moved onto the garden, it was decided that we would use grey slabs for both the patio and the steps down from the extension. 

We were absolutely thrilled with how this project turned out, and the client and design team loved the finished product.

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